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Your online presence

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Like many freelance artists, I explored the various options or paths to creating an online presence or a website.

The trouble with research online is that you have to be able to sort out the good information from the bad.

Since I didn’t feel like leaving my fate in the hands of strangers, I learned by trial and error.

Try answering these questions:

  • do you want to just concentrate on content creation?
  • how hands-on or computer savvy are you?
  • do you have a budget to hire someone?

Having gone down this path myself, I thought I should share my own experiences. Learning any new skill in today’s job market is always a good thing.

Whether that skill is HTML, Cascading Style Sheets or just basic web design, advancements and the introduction of applications like Apple’s iWeb has de-mystified website creation. Continue reading Your online presence

My 2nd time around…

What a ride this has been. After a year, of experimenting with WordPress, I finally messed it up so bad, I had to revamp and start all over. Version 2.0.5 was not nice to me.

Only goes to show you can never get too cocky. I guess I started experimenting too much with too many widgets, plug-ins until, lo and behold, it started bogging down and slowed to a crawl. Then calamity! Continue reading My 2nd time around…