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Be careful of hyperlinks in FB’s chat windows

That chat window in Facebook is targeted more these days.

I get awfully leery when I get an chat message from a “friend” out of the blue especially if they have had no contact with me say in months since we’ve been friends.

I saw the following pop up in the little chat window:

Here’s a screen shot of what I saw in my chat window. I copied the hyperlink logged out of my FB account before I clicked on the link.

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How to spot malicious software on a Mac

The fake Mac Finder complete with Sidebar. Note if this was indeed my Mac's Finder, the Home folder would have my name on it instead of "Computer"

Like most of you, I’ve also been online quite a few years now.

Exactly how long I can’t be sure now.

What I can be sure about it is I had dial up modems.

I have to say until the other day, I had never ever seen anything malicious specifically targeting Macs.

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My Karuna Vihar calendar is here

Look at what came in the mail for me from India! Thanks Jo.

I got a very pleasant surprise from my online buddy Jo McGowan Chopra in the mail on Friday.

Thanks so much, Jo.

A year flies by so quickly.

My attempt to share them here by copying the images with my Powershot G11 doesn’t do the printed calendar justice.

You really should see this printed calendar. It’s a labor of love to be sure, from the photography, choice of inspirational quotes which accompany each picture of the month, and right down to the layout.
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What do you name your hard drives?

hard_drivesThe last time I checked I had at least 10 hard drives of various capacities.

They are just chocked full of images, some I’ve shot, others from friends and students.

The packrat in me doesn’t allow me to throw anything away.

Well, not exactly. I just wonder if there’s any photographer out there who claims to have his all his data in order.

It’s starting to get a little out-of-control.

My computing excesses aside, I never believed I would generate so much “data” in such a short time.

Of course, the fact that I am teaching compounds my computing needs for space.

My students are turning in their images even though on jpegs at their largest settings.

So assuming a class of 20 with an average of just 1-assignment-a-week and the average file being 3MB, that’s a staggering 60MB.

No offense but most of their pictures are out-of-focus, poorly exposed so I have to erase those files as soon as I grade them to free up space. Continue reading What do you name your hard drives?