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It’s not Apple’s fault

The splash screen for the newest cat Mountain Lion. Apple’s running out of cats. Is Ocelot taken?

I whine and complain as well as the next person.

No need to confirm with my friends and family.

In the grand scheme of how we use technology, once we own a computer, we are forever tied to and at the mercy of the folks who make them.

My 2006 MacPro desktop is being left behind by Apple even though it is fully functional.

I understand they have to make the cut somewhere whenever they create a new operating system but my beef is the way I had to find out. Continue reading It’s not Apple’s fault

Mac user alert Spring 2012

As expected, Mac users are being targeted more and more as Windows users make the switch.

It’s no longer safe to operate as before.

There’s been a rash of trojans and malware aimed at Mac users.

To see if your favorite machine has been affected, download and run these 2 scripts.

After you double click the zipped file and the accompanying scripts, if you see the dialog box below, it means you are okay.

This is a good thing if you see this dialog box. It means all is good on your Mac. But don't be lulled into a false sense of security. Make sure to check for software updates periodically, especially if you don't shut down your Mac.

But be sure to do a software update check periodically especially if you’re like me and sometimes don’t shut down your Macs.

Grab their latest security update Java For Mac OS X  10.6 Update 8

The default condition is your Mac usually checks for updates automatically.
Peter Phun Photography

Promote Your Page Too


Lizbeth Zamora’s picture of Brianna Aguirre swaying as she doodles shows what might happen if exposure builds up from repeated flashes. Notice her grey top and her torso. Had she had a white top on, her top would be over-exposed to the point where there wouldn’t be any detail.

After adding color to the plain black background by introducing the Christmas lights, I thought adding multiple images of my subject would make it even more interesting.

This is where I have to stress I had intentionally asked my students not come dressed in light shades especially not white.

For reasons far too scientific for us to ponder here, suffice to say, white reflects too much light in contrasty situations, so it’s best for your subjects to avoid wearing that color.

Also, since repeated flashes tend to build up cumulatively, over time there will be loss of detail in light colored clothing. Continue reading Painting-with-light2

Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB

I’m not sure how many of you are Facebook users but their numbers are so big now I thought I’d share something I learned recently.

For a while, I’ve simply been uploading photos through my status update for my FB page and the default album, “Wall Photos” has become cluttered.

I wasn’t able to find anything, so when I came across a way to move photos, I thought I’d share it.

This video tutorial will also serve as a reminder in case I ever forget.

There’s actually quite a few steps.

For those who don’t need the lengthy explanation, just look at the screen shots below:

(1)From your FB home page, choose Photos

Continue reading Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB