Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB

I’m not sure how many of you are Facebook users but their numbers are so big now I thought I’d share something I learned recently.

For a while, I’ve simply been uploading photos through my status update for my FB page and the default album, “Wall Photos” has become cluttered.

I wasn’t able to find anything, so when I came across a way to move photos, I thought I’d share it.

This video tutorial will also serve as a reminder in case I ever forget.

There’s actually quite a few steps.

For those who don’t need the lengthy explanation, just look at the screen shots below:

(1)From your FB home page, choose Photos

(2) Navigate to your Wall Photos album. If you have more than 6 albums, you will have to click of "See All: Photos"
(3) Find the "Wall Photo" album, click on it

(4) Click "Edit album"

(5) Click "Edit Photos"

(6) Find the image you want to move, then choose "Move"

(7) Choose the album you want to move the photo to. Note, once you move the photo from the Wall Photo album, there is no way to move it back. You could delete it and re-upload the image as a workaround.

(8) Final step is to "Save Changes". The more images you move or work on here, the longer it will take. Good luck.

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16 thoughts on “Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB”

  1. Hi Atul,
    Sorry about that. I can confirm once you move a photo from the wall to another album, there is no way of moving it back unless you download the image and then re-upload it.

  2. Hi Joy,
    You are correct about not being able to move a photo back to the wall album. I suppose you could download it and then re-upload it to your wall album, the default album if you don’t select or make a new album.

    The reason I would move a photo from the wall to an album is over time, the wall album becomes so large, it’s hard to find pictures. I guess we all use FB differently, so it’s difficult for them to cater to every whim and fancy. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi, I have a different issue…. I moved my pics from Wall photos to another album, but i later realized that the album has many likes and comments… Now, if I want to move those pics back to Wall Photos, i am not able to do that… The album is not even coming as an option.. pls help !

  4. Hi Rhian,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn’t think that images I don’t ‘own’ or ones I didn’t upload were mine, so I can’t imagine I can put them in an album. I may be mistaken of course.

  5. Hey Peter – this is handy – thanks! I have a question – when we share other people’s images onto our timeline, is there an easy way to save these images into one of our own albums? I managed to do this one day by accident, and have never been able to do it since. Any ideas?

  6. Hi Crikey,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I understand your predicament. My thinking is over time, the wall photos will be so overwhelmed by sheer numbers that you wouldn’t be able to find anything and it would take forever to find a picture depending on how long you’ve been using FB and how often you post pictures of course.

    The way everyone uses FB is so differently. It’s probably difficult to please everyone. From what I’m seeing in other’s comments, like Bee Pattay, once your Wall photo album gets too big, you may run into problems if you don’t sort it. But that’s only my guess since there is no documentation anywhere.

  7. This is great, however the only real shame about it is that although you can move a pic from your wall photos album to another and retain all of the comments, it does unfortuntely remove any evidence that it was ever a wall post. ie; if you view your profile, any pictures that you shift from originally being in the wall album to somewhere else no longer show up in your wall post history.

    Seems a bit ‘duh’ in retrospect, but I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone and kinda hoped that Facebook would still maintain that background link in keeping the photo attached to the wall’s history.

    Just an FYI to anyone reading 🙂

  8. Thanks for the details on The Pixels in Pete’s World » Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB, it’s going to be actually beneficial.

  9. Erin,
    I’m sorry you’re having trouble. What is too many images who knows. I wonder if FB even knows themselves.

    I don’t have that many pictures on my wall. It may be a good reason to occasionally go to the Wall album and move them.

    If you have Skype, we can try this ‘live’ but beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t know what else to suggest other than download everything start a new account?

  10. Hello Bee,
    I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Kind of got behind on checking on my comments.

    Can I get some background info?

    What browser are you using? Operating system? Mac or Windows?

    Have you tried with a newer computer? Please post back and I’ll see if I can help. Do you have a Skype account? We can try this via Skype as well providing our time zones don’t get in the way.

  11. This does not work for me from Wall Photos, Mobile photos or any other album that FB creates, instead of me creating it. When searching on FB help, it said quite plainly that this does not work for moving photos out of Wall Photos into another album. When I get to the Edit Photos page where you can select from the drop down menu which album to move to, everything freezes and I end up having to shut down the browser and get nothing done. Any thoughts?

  12. My wall photo album is so big, around 400+ photos ! when I try to move to other album It’s always ERROR! How can I do? 🙁

  13. I FBed that for friends who continually ask me how I organize my albums. Besides naming album while uploading photos I try to make the name have date/location/subject.
    Its a combo of newspaper assignment & Fire (location) Names.
    And yes there is too many MSJCHoops.

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