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Summer concert series at Fairmount Park 2011

Sights and Sounds Saturday

Evening light spotlights your subjects as backgrounds falls into shadows. That's why available light photographers always sing the praises of the golden hours of early morning and late evening when light gets very directional.

On the dance floor, everyone is welcome.

Free concerts in the park during the summer are so needed especially in the current economy.

The performers of Rhythm of Riverside Summer Concert Series are not big names unlike the ones who perform in neighboring city to our east, Banning.

On a recent evening when the Country and Western group All American Wrangler, performed, the huge dance area in front of the stage was packed with smiling, lively, gyrating bodies of all ages.

This concert series was 8 consecutive Wednesdays starting June 22 through August 10.
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Moving photos from Wall Photos to other albums in FB

I’m not sure how many of you are Facebook users but their numbers are so big now I thought I’d share something I learned recently.

For a while, I’ve simply been uploading photos through my status update for my FB page and the default album, “Wall Photos” has become cluttered.

I wasn’t able to find anything, so when I came across a way to move photos, I thought I’d share it.

This video tutorial will also serve as a reminder in case I ever forget.

There’s actually quite a few steps.

For those who don’t need the lengthy explanation, just look at the screen shots below:

(1)From your FB home page, choose Photos

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Capturing carnival ambience

At dusk, the sun may have set but the sky still has traces of light. Since the window is extremely small, you have to shoot fast and bracket your exosures.

When I left off on my previos post on friendly faces at the carnival, I had mentioned ambience.

Once the sun sets, the carnival looks very different especially during that very brief window when the sun has set but there is still a lot of light left in the sky.

Objects in the vicinity of lights stand out while the rest of scene recedes and lose their prominence.

Colored lights start to stand out.

But to get those color saturated, you have to guess a little with your exposure.

With any digital camera where you can adjust shutter speeds manually, all you need is a tripod.

A cable release helps but you can always use the self timer.

The idea is to not shake the camera during long exposures.

Bracket Exposures for Success

I used my Manfrotto superclamp to mount my Canon 40D to a railing at the top of the giant slide. I knew a tripod would have been impractical in that tight space. 2 seconds f22 ISO 200.

Bracket your exposures by changing the shutter speeds instead of the aperture especially if you want to try your hand at HDR (High Dynamic Range).
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