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Malaysian faces from the past

Photographing strangers have always been something I enjoy.

Part of it has to do with the possibility that I can be told to take a hike, or worse, be punched in the face.

It’s not that I like to antagonize people.

It’s a real challenge even if you have the camera handling down.

Quizzical look of a fruit vendor–This guy was curious to see me use a strange-looking camera I’m sure. The Hasselblad with 80mm lens shot wide open at f2.8 produces nice sharp images but it is a slow camera to work. You have to take first a meter-reading with a handheld meter.The 500CM had no built-in meter. Ridiculous considering how much it cost me. The fruit is called lychee.

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Malaysian Vacation was 2 years ago back in 2007

A delectable banana flower nourishing one of nature’s most beautiful and fragile creatures. Canon 20D with 100 mm f2.8 macro lens at Penang’s Butterfly Farm.

Father Time has a cruel sense of humor.

He usually makes things whiz by whenever I’m lost in my viewfinder photographing a pretty model, an exciting sporting event or just plain having a great time walking around making pictures.

Then he can torture me and make seconds seem like an eternity.

Without fail, it is usually when I’m in my car waiting for a traffic light to change.

Chances are, at that instance, I’m also illegally blocking a busy intersection that is equipped with multiple “photo radar” cameras.

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This portrait of my aunt, her grandson, her two sons and their wives was made near a seaside on the island of Penang, Malaysia where I was born. Conditions weren’t exactly ideal. See the original picture. The one speed light I had with me was insufficient to light this group but I was on vacation and didn’t have my usual gear. Lit by 1 flash placed on the right. If I had to do this over, I’d make sure everyone showed up at the time I asked. But having a second flash would have made this easier to remove that harsh shadow on my cousin’s face.

It just occurred to me when an “i-pal” recently asked for a recommendation for a location to do an “e-photo” session how geo-tagging may be useful.

Until now I was kind of skeptical of its usefulness.

I  have my favorite spots to for portraits,  but I never feel like I own those places.  Too often I hear photographers get very territorial about their secret spots. Continue reading Geotagging