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Time shift your tv watching with Apple TV

Apple TV is smaller but can open give you some flexibility in your tv viewing especially if you wan to 'time-shift' your viewing habits.Apple TV can connect to your home router via WiFi as well. Since I had hardwired an ethernet cable from the router, I use that instead of WiFi.

Santa brought me an Apple TV this Christmas.

Until recently I didn’t even know what that device is.

It’s the cheapest Apple brand device I own, not counting their keyboard and mouse. 😉

So why did I get one?
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Simple green screen shots

Bernice photographed Cissy holding her camera, then went online and found this image of Lady Gaga. After dropping out the background, Bernice dragged the image of “paparazzi-in-training” Cissy on its own layer onto the image of Lady Gaga.

The best way to understand “layers” in photoshop is to photograph someone against a plain background, make a selection around that person, then drag them with the move tool onto a new document or a picture.

The backdrop should be lit as even as possible.

The color of the backdrop can be any color but blue and green are often used simply because most folks don’t have blue or green hair, making them stand out and easier to select.
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Managing digital images

Where the heck is that picture?

Exquisite image–A green turtle photographed by my old buddy Stephen Yeow off the waters of the island of Sipadan earlier this year.

My first Mac laptop, a G3 Powerbook, had 6GB of hard drive storage.

At that time my largest Compact Flash card had a 128 MB capacity.

Today, about a dozen years later, just one of my Secure Digital cards alone easily holds more data than that hard drive.

You don’t have to be a long time digital photographer like me to see that as long as you own a digital camera, you’re headed down the same path as me–just a little later.

So you better get organized and develop some sort of workflow–fancy word for a system of messing with your digital images.

If you don’t, good luck finding your pictures when you want them.

In fact, if you don’t practice safe computing like making frequent redundant backups, you might one day lose everything.

I’m a Mac users but I often  teach on Windows so I won’t be dragged into which platform is superior.

Repeat after me, “Nikon or Canon, Mac or Windows, neither blows especially when your work flows.”

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End of fall semester student show

Every semester I try to end my photo class on a high note by having my students participate in a group show at the local coffeehouse Back to the Grind downtown.

As usual, I never make it mandatory because the 2 11″ x 14″ prints and frames can be a lot of money for college students.

I’ve been there. Being in college is almost synonymous with being broke unless you happen to be lucky enough to have parents who can help you out.

It’s their showcase and once in a while, they actually get to sell one of their pictures!

The show is intended to be a carrot-on-a-stick.

I don’t tell them what to show. I just check that their pictures look sharp and will hold up to be enlarged.

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