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Review Epson Powerlite 1776W projector Part2

First impressions: What I Like

At this point, I want to mention the one feature I find most appealing :

The ability to Project Wirelessly.

This is the USB adapter you can pass around to others with laptops should you want them to present on the 1776W. It sure makes it easier than swapping VGA cables. The downside is every computer that you want to connect this way needs to be installed with a piece of software. I’ll have to run some real world tests to see how well this works

In simple terms, when you install the Wireless LAN module in its slot on the front, the projector uses WiFi frequency and technology to allow computers to send images for it to project.
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Review Epson Powerlite 1776W projector Part 1

Epson Powerlite 1776W projector–a mere 3.8 lbs, almost half the weight of my MacBook Pro.

My Epson Powerlite 1776W Projector finally arrived.

I purchased it through Amazon but the vendor/seller is OnSale.com.

I also bought the Epson Duet 80 inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen.

To be of any use, most reviewers ought to give some background, so this is what you should know.

Except for the CD which contains a pdf of the owners manual, what you see above is what’s in the box. The soft carry case holds everything nicely.

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Be careful of hyperlinks in FB’s chat windows

That chat window in Facebook is targeted more these days.

I get awfully leery when I get an chat message from a “friend” out of the blue especially if they have had no contact with me say in months since we’ve been friends.

I saw the following pop up in the little chat window:

Here’s a screen shot of what I saw in my chat window. I copied the hyperlink logged out of my FB account before I clicked on the link.

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It’s not Apple’s fault

The splash screen for the newest cat Mountain Lion. Apple’s running out of cats. Is Ocelot taken?

I whine and complain as well as the next person.

No need to confirm with my friends and family.

In the grand scheme of how we use technology, once we own a computer, we are forever tied to and at the mercy of the folks who make them.

My 2006 MacPro desktop is being left behind by Apple even though it is fully functional.

I understand they have to make the cut somewhere whenever they create a new operating system but my beef is the way I had to find out. Continue reading It’s not Apple’s fault