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Google’s Streetview vehicle

As much as our surroundings have been photographed, documented and uploaded by Google, I am surprised I have yet to spot Google Maps Streetview’s camera-equipped vehicle.

The odds of spotting this vehicle is surprisingly low.

So I was naturally curious when my buddy Ted shared with me this clip from his iPhone.

The vehicle itself is rather high profile from its markings.

Interestingly, the driver’s window has one of those sun shields to hide its occupant’s face.

Not very sporting if I may say so here.

Sure they blur out faces, license plates and so on when they go by, but it doesn’t mean those face, license plates are not captured.

They are removed or blurred out in post-production.
Peter Phun Photography

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Time shift your tv watching with Apple TV

Apple TV is smaller but can open give you some flexibility in your tv viewing especially if you wan to 'time-shift' your viewing habits.Apple TV can connect to your home router via WiFi as well. Since I had hardwired an ethernet cable from the router, I use that instead of WiFi.

Santa brought me an Apple TV this Christmas.

Until recently I didn’t even know what that device is.

It’s the cheapest Apple brand device I own, not counting their keyboard and mouse. 😉

So why did I get one?
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Eye-Fi Review

Two posts back, I mentioned Eye-Fi as a possible solution for digital photographers who have a “wait problem.”

It is inevitable, we get so used to the immediate nature of digital photography.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

As soon as we are done taking pictures, we’d like for those images to get to our computers ready to edit by the time we sit down.

Not everyone using a digital camera wants to edit their pictures.

Some may just want to shoot, upload to an online sharing website.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Is digital photography making me lazy?

36 exposures only–You’ve got to make them all count, right? It’s been at least 12 years maybe more since I loaded my Nikon F3.

I can’t picture myself loading film into a camera, finding inspiration and going out to capture images worthy of printing in a traditional darkroom these days.

The convenience and immediacy of digital photography has a way of doing that.

I’m actually getting worse. Now, not only am I lazy, I’m also impatient.

Finding my card reader, taking the memory card out of my camera is even too taking too long.

Previously, if seeing my pictures almost instantly after I take them was sufficient, now I want them to appear on my computer as well. Continue reading Is digital photography making me lazy?