Google’s Streetview vehicle

As much as our surroundings have been photographed, documented and uploaded by Google, I am surprised I have yet to spot Google Maps Streetview’s camera-equipped vehicle.

The odds of spotting this vehicle is surprisingly low.

So I was naturally curious when my buddy Ted shared with me this clip from his iPhone.

The vehicle itself is rather high profile from its markings.

Interestingly, the driver’s window has one of those sun shields to hide its occupant’s face.

Not very sporting if I may say so here.

Sure they blur out faces, license plates and so on when they go by, but it doesn’t mean those face, license plates are not captured.

They are removed or blurred out in post-production.
Peter Phun Photography

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7 thoughts on “Google’s Streetview vehicle”

  1. Hi Melody,
    Would you mind emailing me the picture of that vehicle you saw? Also the location. I’m thinking of starting a collection to share here. Thanks.

  2. Hi Wanda,
    I guess the vehicle went zooming by too quickly to grab a shot of it, huh? I would love to start a collection here of pictures showing that vehicle from all over.

    So far, I only have that video clip and one picture.

    Here’s a contribution from Vilma-Ruiz-Pacrem. Thanks a bunch Vilma.

  3. Hi Melody,
    If the driver you saw didn’t hide behind a sun visor, maybe he was okay about being seen. The one in the video might have been given too many hostile stares. 🙂

  4. I just went back and looked at it and surprisingly the one I saw didn’t have the sun visor blocking the driver.

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