Barely enough contrast for a silhouette

Nice job by Jose Sandoval capturing this image. I have to say, I'm pretty good as the 'talent' in this image. Of course, the Dalmatian puppy helped

It’s been one of my favorite field trip with students but the success of it depends a lot of the kind of weather we get.

Not a whole lot can be done when the day is overcast.

When there is insufficient contrast, silhouettes are tough.

I counted "1, 2...3" They jumped on '3'. Jann Smallwood captured this image.

I set up an off-camera Speedlight on 1/32th power with a snoot grid to narrow the beam of light, handed out the Cybersync transmitter. Irving Iomelli captured this shot of Carlos with a big top hat.
Here's Carlos posing with the toy microphone and Stetson hat. I suggested he exaggerate his pose, leaning back some more and holding his hat. Naturally, I was told to get the #^%@&^%$! out of the way when I took this picture. LOL

More than likely we will head back to this spot when the weather cooperates with us.

If we do, I reminded my students they have to bring their own props.

Those of you following this blog will probably see I’m using the same parasol like the last time.

The badminton racquet is new but noting else.

I guess I’ll have to spring for some balloons, possibly a flag or translucent colorful banner of some kind.

We almost had some people on horseback come by but I think they didn’t because this is a bicycle path and they aren’t supposed to be on it.


Please leave feedback under comments.

I’m sure my students will love them.

Carlson Park

Peter Phun Photography

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3 thoughts on “Barely enough contrast for a silhouette”

  1. Hey. We have all of that. HUGE open spaces. Please pass on to them that I think the choice of poses was especially well done. No amorphous blobs — nope, well defined people-shapes doing interesting things. So many of those images told stories. Wonderful.

  2. HI Jessica,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. My students will appreciate the feedback.

    We may return and have another crack at this but I reminded everyone that they had to come up with some concepts and a better selection of props so that we have more variety.

    These images can easily be done by anyone anywhere if they find a location like where we were west facing for sunset, clear wide-open spaces.

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