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Getting outside during stormy skies

Having my Powershot G11 handy with me allows me to grab pictures on the go. Cellphones allow you to do that too. Having a camera with you all the time is the key

As we drift into the holiday season, admittedly I’m getting lazy to get outside with my camera specifically to shoot.

Having a point-and-shoot camera handy all the time is the best way of making sure you never miss something.

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Simple green screen shots

Bernice photographed Cissy holding her camera, then went online and found this image of Lady Gaga. After dropping out the background, Bernice dragged the image of “paparazzi-in-training” Cissy on its own layer onto the image of Lady Gaga.

The best way to understand “layers” in photoshop is to photograph someone against a plain background, make a selection around that person, then drag them with the move tool onto a new document or a picture.

The backdrop should be lit as even as possible.

The color of the backdrop can be any color but blue and green are often used simply because most folks don’t have blue or green hair, making them stand out and easier to select.
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Adding yourself to a group shot Photoshop Elements 7

And because so many of you requested this, I’m sharing how to add yourself to a group picture using Photoshop Elements 7.

Start by downloading the files.

Then follow along.

Adding myself to a group shot with PSE 7 from Peter Phun on Vimeo.

A quick tutorial on how to add yourself in a group photo using Photoshop Elements 7

Actually I’m just adding this to my blog to serve as a reminder for myself since I had forgotten how.

Including yourself in vacation pictures

You probably don’t have many pictures of yourself while on vacation.

After all you’re the one who’s always behind the camera.

Even in this age of camera self-timers and after market wireless remotes, including yourself is problematic at times.

Even after you’ve set everything on the camera and all that’s needed is for someone to press the shutter, it never seems to quite work the way you want, isn’t it?

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above, here’s a simple way of adding yourself in a picture.

Remember, I don’t consider myself a photoshop guru even though I play one in real life.

Besides, I prefer to shoot everything in the camera than fix it in Photoshop, but that’s just me.

Whenever you enter the back-end realm of post production a.k.a. as the digital darkroom, things can get complicated real fast.

Adobe software versions change almost as quickly as I change my underpants, that’s why I always skip every other version and upgrade once every 2 years.

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