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Try BW to improve your composition

This image originally shot in color while I was on a visit home had muted colors.

At the risk of sounding ‘old-school,’ I really believe shooting images in BW can help your composition.

No, I’m not suggesting you set your camera to capture only in BW jpegs.

See this explanation why not to shoot BW jpegs.

Actually what you should do, if you have access to a raw image processing software, is to set your camera to capture in RAW but set the camera to display BW on your LCD monitor.

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Composing tight in the viewfinder

One of the tough choices when peering into the viewfinder is deciding how much of the scene we see is important.

The striking colors and graphic nature of a cheerleader’s decorated back “caught my eye” while I was on campus. I don’t know if they used the image but I liked it enough to make a picture.

It’s often overwhelming.

If you stood in front of the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls (insert your choice of natural wonder or manmade structure), you’re likely seeing something massive.

Our eyes function like a camera but we have a brain attached to them.

The camera requires “us” to decide, to choose.

If we can’t decide, we end up sticking a wide angle lens and taking everything in.

Then when we print the image the size of a 5 x 7, we are expectedly disappointed at the loss of impact in our final image.
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Getting outside during stormy skies

Having my Powershot G11 handy with me allows me to grab pictures on the go. Cellphones allow you to do that too. Having a camera with you all the time is the key

As we drift into the holiday season, admittedly I’m getting lazy to get outside with my camera specifically to shoot.

Having a point-and-shoot camera handy all the time is the best way of making sure you never miss something.

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Familiar walls



Looking upwards with my Powershot G11 is easy because of its articulating LCD monitor

I go by this wall 5 days a week.

Usually it’s around the same time too.

It’s the way the afternoon sun catches the imperfections on the surface that grabs my attention.

Naturally this wall looks very different in the morning.

I’m a big fan of “observing” and then challenging myself to come up with an image that others might find interesting as well.

I could be wrong and have to resort to smoking something stronger. 😉

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