Getting outside during stormy skies

Having my Powershot G11 handy with me allows me to grab pictures on the go. Cellphones allow you to do that too. Having a camera with you all the time is the key

As we drift into the holiday season, admittedly I’m getting lazy to get outside with my camera specifically to shoot.

Having a point-and-shoot camera handy all the time is the best way of making sure you never miss something.

As I look over my picture, I’m wondering if the untouched version is so much weaker than the one below.

The only difference?It should be fairly obvious when you look at the top left corner.

I just cloned out the bit of sky that came through on the top left. Burning would have had the same effect. Artistic license. It's not so drastic but I'm sure you all have an opinion. Let me know under comments please.

To those in the US who are reading this, have a great Thanksgiving Day.