Familiar walls



Looking upwards with my Powershot G11 is easy because of its articulating LCD monitor

I go by this wall 5 days a week.

Usually it’s around the same time too.

It’s the way the afternoon sun catches the imperfections on the surface that grabs my attention.

Naturally this wall looks very different in the morning.

I’m a big fan of “observing” and then challenging myself to come up with an image that others might find interesting as well.

I could be wrong and have to resort to smoking something stronger. 😉

My Powershot G11 is the perfect carry-along camera for this sort of activity.



With almost everything in place, sometimes it's a matter of waiting and waiting to see who comes along. One of these days I'll get the right subject to come along.

It has not the depth-of-field control of a DSLR or the fast reacting shutter.

What it does have is portability and an articulating LCD monitor.

The latter monitor is so convenient for pictures where I don’t feel like bending down and looking up.

And if I feel like working extra hard, the G11 allows me to shoot RAW.



Awkward angles aren't that difficult with this articulating LCD monitor.

Do you ever see something in your neighborhood like this?

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