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Correct exposure is relative

In my morning haste, I have just enough time to grab the Canon Powershot G7 to capture the interesting very directional light from the morning sun.1/5 sec @f4 ISO 100
The preview on my Powershot G7 shows the histogram out of the camera for the normal exposure picture.

Mornings around the Phun house on a weekday is no different from the typical household with school age kids.

There is the usual yelling, “Time to get up”

Followed by “Light’s coming on”

“Move some body parts”
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Review Eye-Fi Pro X2

The Eye-Fi Pro card is ideal for me instead of the Explore because this version has ability to connect to your Ad-hoc network which any laptop can create on-the-fly. Just don't forget their special USB reader to configure setup.

On a previous post I tested the Eye-Fi Explore 8GB card.

I liked how this Secure Digital size memory card works.

Whatever you do, don't lose this special USB card reader. Without it, you won't be able to configure your Eye-Fi card

On further use, I realized what I really needed was the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card.

Whenever I was away from my home network like in a busy coffeehouse, the bandwidth issues and whatever restrictions placed by the network admins made wireless transfer via WiFi somewhat unreliable.
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Including yourself in vacation pictures

You probably don’t have many pictures of yourself while on vacation.

After all you’re the one who’s always behind the camera.

Even in this age of camera self-timers and after market wireless remotes, including yourself is problematic at times.

Even after you’ve set everything on the camera and all that’s needed is for someone to press the shutter, it never seems to quite work the way you want, isn’t it?

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above, here’s a simple way of adding yourself in a picture.

Remember, I don’t consider myself a photoshop guru even though I play one in real life.

Besides, I prefer to shoot everything in the camera than fix it in Photoshop, but that’s just me.

Whenever you enter the back-end realm of post production a.k.a. as the digital darkroom, things can get complicated real fast.

Adobe software versions change almost as quickly as I change my underpants, that’s why I always skip every other version and upgrade once every 2 years.

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Managing digital images

Where the heck is that picture?

Exquisite image–A green turtle photographed by my old buddy Stephen Yeow off the waters of the island of Sipadan earlier this year.

My first Mac laptop, a G3 Powerbook, had 6GB of hard drive storage.

At that time my largest Compact Flash card had a 128 MB capacity.

Today, about a dozen years later, just one of my Secure Digital cards alone easily holds more data than that hard drive.

You don’t have to be a long time digital photographer like me to see that as long as you own a digital camera, you’re headed down the same path as me–just a little later.

So you better get organized and develop some sort of workflow–fancy word for a system of messing with your digital images.

If you don’t, good luck finding your pictures when you want them.

In fact, if you don’t practice safe computing like making frequent redundant backups, you might one day lose everything.

I’m a Mac users but I often  teach on Windows so I won’t be dragged into which platform is superior.

Repeat after me, “Nikon or Canon, Mac or Windows, neither blows especially when your work flows.”

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