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Eye-Fi Review

Two posts back, I mentioned Eye-Fi as a possible solution for digital photographers who have a “wait problem.”

It is inevitable, we get so used to the immediate nature of digital photography.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

As soon as we are done taking pictures, we’d like for those images to get to our computers ready to edit by the time we sit down.

Not everyone using a digital camera wants to edit their pictures.

Some may just want to shoot, upload to an online sharing website.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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End of fall semester student show

Every semester I try to end my photo class on a high note by having my students participate in a group show at the local coffeehouse Back to the Grind downtown.

As usual, I never make it mandatory because the 2 11″ x 14″ prints and frames can be a lot of money for college students.

I’ve been there. Being in college is almost synonymous with being broke unless you happen to be lucky enough to have parents who can help you out.

It’s their showcase and once in a while, they actually get to sell one of their pictures!

The show is intended to be a carrot-on-a-stick.

I don’t tell them what to show. I just check that their pictures look sharp and will hold up to be enlarged.

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Malaysian Vacation was 2 years ago back in 2007

A delectable banana flower nourishing one of nature’s most beautiful and fragile creatures. Canon 20D with 100 mm f2.8 macro lens at Penang’s Butterfly Farm.

Father Time has a cruel sense of humor.

He usually makes things whiz by whenever I’m lost in my viewfinder photographing a pretty model, an exciting sporting event or just plain having a great time walking around making pictures.

Then he can torture me and make seconds seem like an eternity.

Without fail, it is usually when I’m in my car waiting for a traffic light to change.

Chances are, at that instance, I’m also illegally blocking a busy intersection that is equipped with multiple “photo radar” cameras.

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4 Reasons to shoot in the manual mode


Focused on the eyes–The eyes are what it’s all about when it comes to portraits. What happens when your focus can’t hold for both eyes when your depth-of-field is shallow? Canon 40D. ISO 100 1/60 sec @ f 1.4. Captured in available light from a north-facing window. There is a reflector just out of camera view below where  I’m standing over Lesly who is reclined on a sofa.

Automatic mode is so wonderful.

It frees you to concentrate wholly on what’s in the viewfinder.

In fact, if that’s how you do your best work, there shouldn’t  even be any display in the viewfinder to distract you from your subject in hand.

As long as you don’t make mistakes either in setting your exposure, shutter speeds, ISO, White Balance or even focusing, an uncluttered viewfinder can allow you can be one with your subject.

The reality is, everyone makes mistakes. Some photographers are just luckier than others. Those of you who are lucky, wouldn’t you want to be lucky all the time?

Here’s 4 reasons to shoot in manual mode:
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