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Malaysian faces from the past

Photographing strangers have always been something I enjoy.

Part of it has to do with the possibility that I can be told to take a hike, or worse, be punched in the face.

It’s not that I like to antagonize people.

It’s a real challenge even if you have the camera handling down.

Quizzical look of a fruit vendor–This guy was curious to see me use a strange-looking camera I’m sure. The Hasselblad with 80mm lens shot wide open at f2.8 produces nice sharp images but it is a slow camera to work. You have to take first a meter-reading with a handheld meter.The 500CM had no built-in meter. Ridiculous considering how much it cost me. The fruit is called lychee.

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Malaysian Vacation was 2 years ago back in 2007

A delectable banana flower nourishing one of nature’s most beautiful and fragile creatures. Canon 20D with 100 mm f2.8 macro lens at Penang’s Butterfly Farm.

Father Time has a cruel sense of humor.

He usually makes things whiz by whenever I’m lost in my viewfinder photographing a pretty model, an exciting sporting event or just plain having a great time walking around making pictures.

Then he can torture me and make seconds seem like an eternity.

Without fail, it is usually when I’m in my car waiting for a traffic light to change.

Chances are, at that instance, I’m also illegally blocking a busy intersection that is equipped with multiple “photo radar” cameras.

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Kuala Lumpur–A brief visit to Malaysia’s capital in 2007

First time visitors to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur can’t help but notice how the Petronas Twin Towers dominates the skyline not just in terms of its size but its unique architecture.

As we approached the city on our bus from Penang in the north, the towers were impressive.

If by day, the towers don’t seem imposing or spectacular, see them at night.

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