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Rules In Photography

chayne_no_gridThere’s actually none.

Okay, there’s bound to be some reading this  who will no doubt ask,
“What about the Rule of Thirds?”

This is just my opinion, but when you attach the word “rule” to photography, it ruins the whole experience.

After all… my viewfinder doesn’t have a grid or lines.

If I were a sniper you can bet it would.

But I take photographs.

Why would I need such precision and be locked into 3 columns and 3 rows?

This is art. Fun stuff.

The Eyes–In this situation, as with most portraits, the eyes should be the center of attention but should they be in the center literally?

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Top 10 Mistakes of Beginning Photographers


You probably have some very very nice pictures that you took.

Someone paid you a compliment that you have a Great Eye.

Maybe they meant it literally.

This photography stuff isn’t that hard.

You’re thinking if you cough up about $1,000, you can do this.

And that isn’t an unreasonable assumption.

The instant feedback with digital photography gives this impression that it is easy.

There may be more to it than just having a good eye.

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This portrait of my aunt, her grandson, her two sons and their wives was made near a seaside on the island of Penang, Malaysia where I was born. Conditions weren’t exactly ideal. See the original picture. The one speed light I had with me was insufficient to light this group but I was on vacation and didn’t have my usual gear. Lit by 1 flash placed on the right. If I had to do this over, I’d make sure everyone showed up at the time I asked. But having a second flash would have made this easier to remove that harsh shadow on my cousin’s face.

It just occurred to me when an “i-pal” recently asked for a recommendation for a location to do an “e-photo” session how geo-tagging may be useful.

Until now I was kind of skeptical of its usefulness.

I  have my favorite spots to for portraits,  but I never feel like I own those places.  Too often I hear photographers get very territorial about their secret spots. Continue reading Geotagging