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Riverside’s Lunar New Year festival 2011

Red being a color symbolizing prosperity, it is often the color that is used for lanterns and costumes. A Chinese dance troupe performed on the stage in front of the public library.
The Vietnamese also celebrate the Lunar New Year as do the Japanese and Chinese.

Last Saturday, January 29, Riverside hosted its first Lunar New Year festival.

The organizers of this one-day celebration hope to make this an an annual affair celebrating the diversity of the Asians and Asian Americans living in our city and the region.

In order that this becomes an annual event, I hope the vendors who participated found this worthwhile.

Community events such as this relies on financial support especially in its inaugural year.

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RCC Vocal Jazz Ensemble performs for Jon Secada

Jon Secada, internationally acclaimed Emmy award-winning singer, listens to RCC's Vocal Jazz ensemble during a special audition.

Ensemble director John Byun works his magic

Jon Secada, internationally known Grammy award-winning singer, was back to listen to Riverside City College’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble this year.

He did so in such a low-key fashion, there was barely 20 people in the auditorium.

There was no fanfare and it was clear he was there just for the students.

Had I not read on one of the lists I’m subscribed to as a part time-instructor on the main campus, I would have missed the opportunity to watch passion to share, artistry and humility in action inspiring a new generation of very talented singers.
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Tree lighting at Riverside Plaza

Glee actress Lauren Potter (right) poses with fans during autograph signing at the Riverside Plaza

From last week’s tree lighting ceremony at Riverside Plaza.
Lots of folks turned out to watch the Central Middle Cheer Squad, Poly High Band, Riverside Childrens Theatre, Dancers Studio, K-9 Contingent, March Air Reserve Color Guard, RCC Marching Tigers and SANTA.
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Adding yourself to a group shot Photoshop Elements 7

And because so many of you requested this, I’m sharing how to add yourself to a group picture using Photoshop Elements 7.

Start by downloading the files.

Then follow along.

Adding myself to a group shot with PSE 7 from Peter Phun on Vimeo.

A quick tutorial on how to add yourself in a group photo using Photoshop Elements 7

Actually I’m just adding this to my blog to serve as a reminder for myself since I had forgotten how.