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Mac user alert Spring 2012

As expected, Mac users are being targeted more and more as Windows users make the switch.

It’s no longer safe to operate as before.

There’s been a rash of trojans and malware aimed at Mac users.

To see if your favorite machine has been affected, download and run these 2 scripts.

After you double click the zipped file and the accompanying scripts, if you see the dialog box below, it means you are okay.

This is a good thing if you see this dialog box. It means all is good on your Mac. But don't be lulled into a false sense of security. Make sure to check for software updates periodically, especially if you don't shut down your Mac.

But be sure to do a software update check periodically especially if you’re like me and sometimes don’t shut down your Macs.

Grab their latest security update Java For Mac OS X  10.6 Update 8

The default condition is your Mac usually checks for updates automatically.
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Digitizing Analog Video with your Mac

Connecting the hardware with Mac, external hard drive and vcr for digitizing

A while ago I created a tutorial on how to digitize analog videos using your Mac. Recently I had a client bring some VHS tapes which he wanted to include in a powerpoint presentation.

You would think once you’ve done it you can easily fire everything up, make all the necessary connections easily without a problem. Well, it turned out I couldn’t.

After a bit of fiddling, I got it to work. Always points to poor documentation by the Taiwan manufacturer of the bridge I bought.This piece of hardware DAC-100 is from Data Video.

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