A Lady Falconer

As a freelance photographer I tend to photograph people mostly. After 20 years I am fortunate to still come across interesting people like freelance writer/author Rebecca O’ Connor, a UCR alumni.

She hunts ducks at the Salton Sea with her dog Booth an American Brittany Spaniel.

But she doesn’t use a firearm, only her 5-year-old peregrine falcon, Anakin.

Author of at least 9 books, Rebecca is a parrot consultant.

The difference being she doesn’t train the parrots directly instead show the human owners how to train their parrots.

Her parrot Ty, an African Grey, is very shy. Even when Rebecca flashed an almond, Ty seemed reluctant to “talk.”

So during my visit to photograph Rebecca, I placed my Zoom H4 Handy Recorder close to Ty’s cage and waited. A couple of false starts later, I was rewarded with a great sound bite.

Rebecca is also an accomplished photographer.

Her website showcases her versatility as a writer.

One of these days I might ask to see if I can come along on one of her hunts.

Listen to how her parrot, Ty, responds to the questions,