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Sumo wrestling at Lunar Festival 2012

The Sumo Wrestlers were a big hit as crowds to this year's Lunar Festival congregated around the intersection of Mission Inn Ave and Lemon St.

Last year I only got to spend two hours at Riverside’s Lunar Festival.

I missed a lot of acts and performances.

The one I wanted to see were the Sumo wrestlers.

This afternoon, try as I could, I couldn’t get through into the inner ring of people. Continue reading Sumo wrestling at Lunar Festival 2012

Children’s Portraits 1

Simple lighting–One main light, a 580EX inside a Lumiquest softbox on the right, about a foot away on the right gave me f5.6 @ ISO 200. Canon 5D Mark 2 with a 50 mm lens
I added a 2nd Canon Speedlight, a 430 EX with a red gel to jazz things up. It was set to give 1 to 1 1/2 stops less light than the main light, the 580EX in the Lumiquest softbox.s

Setting up a makeshift studio doesn’t require a lot of space but it does require some improvisation.

I was in the basement of the First Congregational Church recently to photograph some children who attended Puppet Palooza–a week long puppet making workshop by Creative Kids Have Fun.

Young children are not the easiest of subjects.

That’s why there are photographers who specialize in just children.

Just like any kind of portraiture work, you have to engage your subject, spend some time with them.


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Dressing in drag to raise funds

Andy Plumley, UC Riverside’s director of housing services, as "Candy Plum" picks up dollar bills from the enthusiastic audience. Canon 5D M2. ISO 1600 1/90 @ f2.8

Over the years I’ve provided photography coverage of various events for the local university, UC Riverside.

Usually it’s a ground-breaking, a ribbon-cutting or portraiture of someone in the community for which they’re doing a story or feature.

Every now and then, I get something unusual and fun. Continue reading Dressing in drag to raise funds

Watching and learning from other photographers

At events like this fundraiser Arts, Crafts & Beers for Riverside Art Museum, it's useful to shoot tethered so that my subjects can see what I'm trying to capture. Mouse over to see picture I got.

I love watching other photographers work.

It’s fascinating because no 2 photographers see the same picture in any given situation.

Sure, they might size up the situation similarly especially if they have the identical lens.

But not every photographer will agree on how much of the scene is important.

Nor will they agree on which moment is important.

It’s precisely for that reason, without sounding judgmental, I would ask myself, “If I were behind the camera, would I shoot this the same way?”
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