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Children’s Portraits 2

Adding some color to the scene can make pictures more interesting. Don’t forget to show your subjects a preview while you shoot to boost their confidence. I added a red gel on this shot.

Now that I’ve decided on the location of my makeshift studio, a stairwell, it’s time to break out the light stands and speedlights.

Before beginning, I set the zoom setting on all my speedlights/ flash units to 105mm so that the light is more focused and not scattered all over.

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Children’s Portraits 1

Simple lighting–One main light, a 580EX inside a Lumiquest softbox on the right, about a foot away on the right gave me f5.6 @ ISO 200. Canon 5D Mark 2 with a 50 mm lens
I added a 2nd Canon Speedlight, a 430 EX with a red gel to jazz things up. It was set to give 1 to 1 1/2 stops less light than the main light, the 580EX in the Lumiquest softbox.s

Setting up a makeshift studio doesn’t require a lot of space but it does require some improvisation.

I was in the basement of the First Congregational Church recently to photograph some children who attended Puppet Palooza–a week long puppet making workshop by Creative Kids Have Fun.

Young children are not the easiest of subjects.

That’s why there are photographers who specialize in just children.

Just like any kind of portraiture work, you have to engage your subject, spend some time with them.


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Riverside Plaza Halloween Costume contest

Mum puts some finishing touches to Cleopatria's costume before the judging begins

Here are this year’s contestants in the annual Halloween costume contest held at Riverside Plaza, a stone’s throw from where I live.

The kids 12 and under were decked out with their parents and grandparents cheering them on.

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Festa Italiana 2010


The image quality from my Canon 5D Mark 2 tells me I shouldn't have waited this long to upgrade. I love the video and stills.

Despite cooler than normal temperatures this year, Festa Italiana crowds didn’t let temperatures in the mid-60s deter them from having a grand time.

This year’s performers, Gina Iaccovino, Romina Arena, the Riverside Opera and Pietro, kept everyone thoroughly entertained with favorites like Theme from Godfather, New York, New York and other Italian classics.

The area in front of the gazebo of White Park , as with previous years, was filled with eager dancers especially when the beat picked up on medley numbers of Besame Mucho and La Bamba sung by Romina Arena.

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