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Freelancing for Newspapers–Part 3

Deconstructing a Sports Assignment


Baseball was not my favorite sport to cover. Bases can be loaded inning after inning and no one scores. Then out-of-the-blue, all hell breaks loose and a collision at home plate occurs. Thankfully I wasn’t asleep here. Picture taken with a Nikon F4 triggered by a foot pedal. 180 f2.8 lens prefocused at home plate. Fujichrome 100 1/2000 @ f2.8 . Angels Stadium, Anaheim.

So let’s assume you’re in and you’ve gotten the nod to shoot your first sports assignment.

Sorry, those professional baseball, basketball and Big 10 college football games will be covered by the staff photographers because they’ll appear on the cover of the section.

Don’t despair, as you get better, you’ll get to the front page of the Sports section. If you have a really good picture, it may run on the front page, but  let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Continue reading Freelancing for Newspapers–Part 3

A Lady Falconer

As a freelance photographer I tend to photograph people mostly. After 20 years I am fortunate to still come across interesting people like freelance writer/author Rebecca O’ Connor, a UCR alumni.

She hunts ducks at the Salton Sea with her dog Booth an American Brittany Spaniel.

But she doesn’t use a firearm, only her 5-year-old peregrine falcon, Anakin.

Author of at least 9 books, Rebecca is a parrot consultant.

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