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The stranger at White Park

He didn’t notice me.

He probably didn’t hear me because I was using a rangefinder, my Canon Powershot G11.

At one point when he looked up and opened his eyes, I did ask if I could take his picture.

When taking pictures in public, you shouldn’t act like a stalker. It’s a good way to have the cops called on you especially if you’re taking pictures of children.

The G11 has a variable aperture much like a kit lens on a digital SLR.

On the wide angle end, the aperture is f2.8 but on the longer focal length end, the aperture is f4.5.

Its smallest aperture is f8, so it doesn’t give you as much control as DSLR lenses.

I wanted to see if I could I could intentionally lower the sensitivity of the CMOS sensor so that I could shoot with a longer shutter speed.
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Low light photography–Day of the Dead

El Di­a de los Muertos “Day of the Dead” 2010 from Peter Phun on Vimeo.

iEl Dia De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead is an annual Riverside event that has seen growth in popularity each year it is held.

On November 2nd this year, Mission Inn Ave between Orange and Lime Street was closed off right in front of the public library for this event.

This was my first time attending this celebration for the dearly departed.

Since I had recently bought a Canon 5D Mark II, I was excited to put the camera through its paces to see how it would handle the “available darkness“ of 6 pm.

It turned out that I wasn’t the only person with that in mind.

There were more cameras than people there especially when you consider there were lots of cellphones, Blackberrys and other smart phones as well.

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Festa Italiana 2010


The image quality from my Canon 5D Mark 2 tells me I shouldn't have waited this long to upgrade. I love the video and stills.

Despite cooler than normal temperatures this year, Festa Italiana crowds didn’t let temperatures in the mid-60s deter them from having a grand time.

This year’s performers, Gina Iaccovino, Romina Arena, the Riverside Opera and Pietro, kept everyone thoroughly entertained with favorites like Theme from Godfather, New York, New York and other Italian classics.

The area in front of the gazebo of White Park , as with previous years, was filled with eager dancers especially when the beat picked up on medley numbers of Besame Mucho and La Bamba sung by Romina Arena.

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Photographing my kittens

Available light–ISO 400 1/125 sec @ f2. All 3 pictures taken with Canon 50mm lens.

At about 9 weeks olds, my 3 kittens are little terrors.

Forget about getting them to sit, stay or generally do what I want.

Just like infants, I can only persist, shoot a lot and get them used to the camera.

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