Photographing my kittens

Available light–ISO 400 1/125 sec @ f2. All 3 pictures taken with Canon 50mm lens.

At about 9 weeks olds, my 3 kittens are little terrors.

Forget about getting them to sit, stay or generally do what I want.

Just like infants, I can only persist, shoot a lot and get them used to the camera.

I really ought to set up my cheap, beat up, hand-me-down strobes in my garage since the little critters call that home.

Two problems :

  1. it’s hot, messy and doesn’t smell that great even when I keep their litter box immaculate.
  2. I worry the little terrors will knock over my light stands, hurt themselves and my lights.

So I’ve kept my setup simple.

I’m using available light or more like available darkness.

At the best time of the day in the evening, I’m getting ISO 400 1/125 sec @ f2

Not sufficient light to freeze a lot of motion but it’s acceptable.

In my case, I’m not in any particular hurry or pressure to come up with the goods.

I can see if I were being paid, I would certainly want to light this for sure. Why?

  • I want to have control over the lighting no matter what time of the day or where I am setting up whether it’s outdoors or indoors
  • Lighting will allow me to freeze movement, eliminating mine and the kittens’s movements.

Photo session with kittens from Peter Phun on Vimeo.

A makeshift photo session with my 3 nine-week-old kittens inside the garage.

3 thoughts on “Photographing my kittens”

  1. @Wanda, these cats are just rascals. Too bad they don’t stay playful like that for too long.

    @Paul, I had a tough time finding a name for these kittens. Now, I’m going to have to cough up some serious $$ to get them spayed and neutered. There goes my savings for a new lens and camera body.

    Kittens at Play in my yard from Peter Phun on Vimeo.

    My 3 kittens who are about 9-weeks-old play with their mother Cleo in my

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