Sumo wrestling at Lunar Festival 2012

The Sumo Wrestlers were a big hit as crowds to this year's Lunar Festival congregated around the intersection of Mission Inn Ave and Lemon St.

Last year I only got to spend two hours at Riverside’s Lunar Festival.

I missed a lot of acts and performances.

The one I wanted to see were the Sumo wrestlers.

This afternoon, try as I could, I couldn’t get through into the inner ring of people.

Strategizing--A trio of siblings test a Sumo wrestler's stance following a demonstration

I was fortunate to have my monopod this time around.

So I set a 10-second self-timer and hoisted my camera over the crowds for an overall view of the intersection.

I’m losing my edge. I used to carry a cable release or a remote which would allow me to shoot over the crowds that way.

In a pinch the self-timer worked alright but I’ll have to remember to check my bags carefully next time.

Team work--a trio of siblings take on one of the Sumo wrestlers during a demonstration at the intersection of Mission Inn Ave and Lemon St in downtown Riverside during this year's Lunar Festival.

Which of these pictures with the Sumo wrestlers do you like best?

Airborne--One of the Sumo wrestlers gets upended during an exhibition bout staged for audiences.

Over the years I’ve photographed lots of events.

Each time, as I got better, I’d often ask what else can I try?

Let’s face it. Events generally take place in the same location and around the hours of daylight.

So what would make the images different?

I’ve found that it’s always the interaction between the performers and the audience that makes a picture memorable and fun.

It’s those kinds of pictures I enjoy taking.

Squaring 0ff--A young challenger stares down his opponent as they prepare to tussle
David vs. Goliath--A enthusiastic youngster gives his all against his opponent much to the amusement of his bigger opponent.

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