Ready to be hands-free Californians?

The end of June is upon us. That by itself doesn’t mean a whole lot but for Californians, the new month July means we can’t be using the cellphone without a hands-free device if we’re driving.

Sorry kids, if you’re 18, you’re not allowed to be chit-chatting on the phone even with a hands-free device.

bluetooth speakerphone

So I dutifully went and bought one of those bluetooth speakerphones which pair with my Motorola Razr V3.

Does it work?

Sort of. It’s better than getting a ticket.

I don’t fancy myself the type who walks around with those bluetooth pieces in my ear.

I’m too self-conscious. I don’t want strangers around me thinking I’m having an argument or a conversation with myself.

It’s not that I don’t talk to myself. It’s just that when I do, I don’t ever want anyone to be around.

I always thought Lt. Uhuru and Mr. Spock always looked kind of ridiculous with those doohickeys in their ear on the bridge of the Enterprise in Star Trek.

Little did we know Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was psychic. He envisioned a cellphone type communicating device and a bluetooth earpiece at least 30 years before.

And while I’m on the subject of those bluetooth transceivers that fit on around and inside your ear, I came across an ad that was in “questionable taste.”

Beckham look alike

It showed a man with a tremendous likeness to English soccer player David Beckham. I doubt Beckham endorsed the product because of the way the picture was cropped.

It was just enough of a hint that it was Beckham but not enough to say for sure. See for yourself.

Interestingly I will have to warn my friends who call while I’m driving and with the family.

I’m going to have to get used to saying something like, “Hey Darren, you’re on speakerphone and the family is in the car with me.”

Mind you, I just picked the name Darren, not because he has the tendency to curse and swear, but only to make a point.

How about this scenario? You’re driving heading back from lunch and your co-worker calls.

You hit the answer button but forget to warn your co-worker on the other end that the bossman is in the car with you.

They proceed to tell you the boss is a worthless nincompoot. That the boss’s wife is dog ugly and worse.

Needless to say, if that happens in real life, it would be time for someone to dust off the old resume.

The bluetooth speakerphone I bought about 5 months ago is, shall I say, kaput?

What did I expect? I only paid $40. It works but the bracket that allowed me to clip it to the visor broke.

So how do I use it? Well, I’m holding it up to my face as I’m driving.

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  1. My Suggestion is Better Not use those, we are only the culprits who are cheating Our selves regarding health, it may damage your ears.

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