6 thoughts on “Even Hitler is irked by the digicam wars”

  1. “Don’t give me that PR marketing happy horse crap!” Classic!

    “I’m not paying $8000! My machismo won’t allow it!” OMG.

    Best line:
    “Somebody get my F2.”

    Awesome! Just laughed so hard.

    Thanks Peter.

  2. Gerry,
    How nice of you to pop in and especially to “educate” me! I had to Google that name before I found out that was Hitler’s real last name.

    I thought that was quite clever use of captioning. Had me in stitches. Hope all is well with you in the Buckeye state.

  3. OMG! That was funny, informative too! I had no idea Nikon released the D3x. Some Nikonian I am! maybe I should dump the D200 and buy the Sony. Hmmm..

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