After the storm


We saw some blue skies for a short spell today. Too bad, I didn’t have much time.

The mountains of San Bernardino looked so-so. The combination of morning haze and overcast skies didn’t give me much to work with.

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At least while I was waiting, the train came by in this picture.

It would have been nice to not have to shoot through the fencing but finding an overpass without one is impossible.

Since a high ladder is not possible as well. The only viable alternative is a lens which has a diameter small enough to fit through the fencing.

If you look at the map above, the bubble labeled “A” is roughly where I took the picture. As in most matters about photography, it’s the timing that matters most, not so much the place because?

Time will determine your lighting. But with snow on mountains, it seems the 1st morning after a storm is the best time.

Afterwards, the smog and air particulate matter will linger and ruin the clear skies.


The pedestrian bridge across Lime St downtown really needed someone walking across it, someone like Santa in a red suit?

Got a picture to share? Let me know and I’ll post it here.