Video Production–Lobster Paella & Ahi Tuna Appetizer

ingredients One of the more rewarding aspects about what I do as a photographer/web publisher is helping others put their best face out there.

When my childhood friend from 1st grade, Harry Soo, asked if I would shoot a video of him for Food Network’s segment on Grilling, I jumped on it.

Over the years he’s had my family and I over for countless barbecues and cookouts.

So this was the least I could do.

Though I’m primarily a still photographer, I’ve watched enough movies to know when a scene is boring, too long, irrelevant or just plain misses the point.

Since this was just a short how-to video, it was fun to shoot.
As you can expect, I don’t have a lot of gear as far as videography goes. Just the bare essentials really.

lobsterI also knew the video was bound for the internet. That meant all I needed was: a tripod, iMovie, DV camcorder and wireless microphone.

I’m extremely proud that Harry’s personality and skill came through.

His team Slap Yo Daddy BBQ won several awards from the professional barbecue circuit, so folks, he’s going places.

I’m certain he’ll be among the 12 in California who will be featured cooking with Bobby Flay.

Congratulations Harry! You deserve this after all the hard work you’ve put in.

For those of you who are curious about how we shot it, here’s the behind-the-scene production footage:

I’m am so excited for my buddy whom I’ve known since I was 6 or 7. If you’re anything of a seafood lover, you’ll love the Paella and Ahi Tuna appetizer.

Help him get on the show by generating lots of buzz for this video and please add comments and rank this video .

I got to eat the 2 dishes and they were out-of-this world.

This is a popularity contest so the more positive rating and comments, the better will be his chances.  Remember to post comments and rank the video because viewership alone is not enough.

3 thoughts on “Video Production–Lobster Paella & Ahi Tuna Appetizer”

  1. Peter:
    There’s a guy ahead of me in ratings with his Cornish hen under a brick. We need to ramp up our viral marketing blitz and get more people to rank our video. Please email/spam reminders to those you already contacted. I’ll do the same. I did so at the BBQ contest last Sat Feb 7. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Harry. I was just browsing the other videos on Bobby Flay’s site. You will definitely hold your own. I just made the presentation of the material easier to watch. Your personality did the rest buddy.

  3. Peter:

    Your superb video work, editing, and pacing of the scenes keep it engaging while staying within the 4 minute window. After you uploaded the video, I got a call from Lisa from Bobby’s production team within 2 hours! They want me to audition for the part when Bobby comes to California in March 2008 to spend a month in a rented home to shoot the next 12 episodes for the fall season!

    Three days and 360 views and 97 comments later, it’s clear that your video is clearly a four-star favorite!

    I couldn’t have been noticed if not for your excellent work! Thank you very much.

    Wish me luck and may I break a leg!

    Your childhood buddy,

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