Best uses of digital photography


Best Uses of Digital Photography

Besides making “art,” your digital photography has many uses. I can think of these 2 right off the bat. If you use it in other ways, do share.

Universal Translator for Home Improvement Challenged

If home improvement is not your bag, chances are you don’t speak “hardware.” No, I don’t mean the computer kind.

It’s all those strange sounding names for plumbing: nipples, gaskets, dongles and etc. Rather than use words like “do-hickey,” “whatchamacallit,” or “thingy,” why not show them? I’ve found that digital camera in my Motorola Razor V3 to be just the thing to help me when I don’t speak hardware.

I take a picture of that part and when I get to Home Depot (no this is not an endorsement), I show the help there.

Or better yet, if I like a certain tree, shrub or plant but I don’t know what it is, I grab a picture and head to the nursery and show them what I want.

Memory Aide Location of where I Parked

Imagine being in Disneyland or the San Diego zoo or Legoland. If you visit on a super busy day, expect to park far away and if you don’t take note of where you parked. It’s going to be fun at the end of your day trying to locate your vehicle.

How about taking a picture of your room number at the hotel? I can’t think of the number of times I forget and have to write this down. Your room keys generally don’t have room numbers if you’re in a big modern hotel like in Vegas. It’s likely a card key.

Documentary Device at Accident Scene

There’s no doubt this one is probably second nature to many people already.

Times Have Changed

Since just about every portable device comes with a digital camera these days, it sure makes it tough for folks who work in environments where trade secrets and defense issues are of concern.

My brother-in-law has to leave his cellphone in the car because he works in such an environment. ohmss

I recall seeing a scene in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” recently.

The film released in 1969 had George Lazenby (on the right in the picture) playing superspy James Bond using a crane to bring a large xerox-like device into someone’s office to copy some documents in a safe.

The bottom picture shows what was high tech then. Isn’t it funny how even James Bond can appear so out-dated?

My 13-year-old son took one look at that scene and was beside himself  rolling on the floor and having a good laugh.

I grabbed these 2 stills from the movie. It’s probably illegal but I’m hoping this comes under “fair-use.”