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What’s in Your Background?

The simple act of paying more attention to what’s in the background every time you hold a camera up to your face can improve your photography dramatically.

This applies regardless of whether you’re using a point-and-shoot camera or a digital single lens reflex camera.

What doesn’t add to your subject in the picture, detracts from your subject. Continue reading What’s in Your Background?

More Beginning Photographer Mistakes

Obviously I can’t count. Picking up where I left off from the Top 10 Mistakes of Beginning Photographers

Gabe and Julie, lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in northern California

Knowing your camera well, even if it’s a point-and-shoot model, allows you more control than you might expect. I intentionally under-exposed this backlit shot of my kids walking on a seawall in Klamath, California to get a silhouette. Continue reading More Beginning Photographer Mistakes

Sports Photography Tips


In Sports photography, access is key.

Without access, you won’t succeed even if you have the most comprehensive array of lenses out there.

So if you have access, you’ve already improved your chances of success by at least 40%.

The other keys to success?

You  have to be able to anticipate and concentrate for long periods.

Continue reading Sports Photography Tips

Best uses of digital photography


Best Uses of Digital Photography

Besides making “art,” your digital photography has many uses. I can think of these 2 right off the bat. If you use it in other ways, do share.

Universal Translator for Home Improvement Challenged

If home improvement is not your bag, chances are you don’t speak “hardware.” No, I don’t mean the computer kind.

It’s all those strange sounding names for plumbing: nipples, gaskets, dongles and etc. Rather than use words like “do-hickey,” “whatchamacallit,” or “thingy,” why not show them? Continue reading Best uses of digital photography