My cat has a roommate

CT (short for chicken thief) is at least 17 years old. He doesn’t see and hear as well as he used to. He sleeps in my garage. My wife saw CT’s roommate a couple days back. She said the rodent is big.

She also said she and the rat bolted in opposite directions when they saw each other. I’ve been giving CT’s roomate peanut butter every couple days in the hopes of catching it.

Since I haven’t seen it, I can’t tell if the mousetrap I’m using is big enough to how shall I say? Euthanize it? I don’t want the animal rights activists coming down on me for not giving it a painless lethal injection.

My wife claims the trap is too small and it will only piss the rodent off. If it is indeed gigantic, it will probably wear the trap like a body piercing or earring around its neck.

The trap shown in picture on left shows how overmatched my trap was. The one on the right was the one that finally did him in.

When I was kid in growing up in Malaysia, I remember following the Rat Patrol around when they came through my neighborhood.

The rat patrol was a team of men, usually of  South Indian descent, who made their living catching rats.

They would place steel traps at the openings in the ground where these rats would burrow. Then they would burn a burlap sack and use a powerful bellows to force the smoke into the burrow system. The more the Rat Patrol caught, the more they got paid. If only I had a video camera or a camera when I was a kid, I would have immortalized these guys.

Well, it turns out CT had more than one roommate.

The 2nd large trap I set is missing. It better turn up somewhere or my wife will never set foot in our garage ever!

4 thoughts on “My cat has a roommate”

  1. Hello Ian,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and more importantly taking the time to comment. I’m afraid I’m not worthy of comparison to the great David Hobby aka the Strobist.

    My post is nowhere as high tech or even remotely close to his eminence.

    I have since captured or euthanized 2 more of CT’s roommates.

    At least I now have a clue as to how they have been coming in. Looks like a trip to the hardware store for some lumber is in order.

    Till I take care of, dare I say it, this rodent infestation?, I’ll have to repeat my mantra, “Hammer to fit and paint to match.

    You have some excellent imagery on your blog, Ian especially those of the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake

  2. DeeAnn,
    It turned out my cat had more than 1 roommate. I’ll have to set up those traps again. I never mess with poison because I don’t want any chance of accidents.

  3. Congrats Peter on your trap! I’ll have to take photo of our next ‘catch’ from rat traps in the garage.
    With bird feeders and proximity to Bautista Creek we always have visitors at night skittering along fence & trees. Like you didn’t want poison due to unethical plus our four dogs.
    Tim’s use of peanut butter for bait got rid of last batch and its been quiet for a while. Made room for more river friends to move in and the dogs are once again on night patrol in backyard.
    We have had traps go missing only to be found stuck behind crap in garage, usually with dead victim attached.

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