Adding storage capacity to your computer

A couple posts back I mentioned how my hard drives were filling up fast.

So who’s responsible for chewing up that all that capacity?

One of my students is shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II. Luckily I don’t think he’s set his camera to shoot at Large jpeg settings.

Another who uses the Nikon D300 sends files of 7.4 MB each.

I’ve since added a 1TB hard drive in the final bay of my MacPro.

I also bought a cheapie dock from BlacX. It’s nothing fancy really. Just a way to connect the drive I removed for use via USB 2.0.

I haven’t added a eSATA controller card for the PCI-Express slot. When that happens, I’ll of course be using the much faster eSATA connector.

Modern day computer users all develop a “wait problem” sooner or later. Some even develop the other kind of weight problem too.


This dock is a more elegant solution to the tangle of wires which I was using.

It allows  you to connect either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA hard drive.

I know… I have some IDE hard drives laying around somewhere but those don’t work with this.

It’s actually quite user-friendly. Stick your bare hard drive into the slot connectors, connect the cables to your computer’s port and connect the power cord and you hard drive will mount on your desktop.

blacx_closeupTo physically remove the hard drive from the dock, you push down on the eject button on the front of the dock.

Mac users will of course have to select the hard drives’ icon and drag it into the trash or hit “Cmd E.”

I paid $43 for this dock from zip zoom fly. Shipping and tax not included.