Wiis and WiFi

Summer in the Phun household means I don’t have my WiFi network to myself.

There must be some truism to this condition: as big a house you think you have when you first move in, you will eventually fill all the rooms and your stuff will overflow and fill even your garage.

In this situation, my DSL bandwidth of 6MBs which is more than adequate is appearing anemic.

I could switch to FiOS or Fiber Optic service and pay through the nose.

I made the mistake of mentioning the 16MBs service of FiOs.

My son immediately jumped in suggesting that would take care of the bandwidth problem.

It doesn’t help that I’m on my MacBook Pro and so are the other 2 Wiis! Why 2 Wiis? My son has 3 friends over to play their video games.

Apparently the boys don’t want a split screen to play their Mario Superkart game. So one of his buddies brought over his own game console.

Good thing I’m not trying to watch any online video right now. It’ll bring the entire (local area network) LAN to a crawl.

Wait till my wife gets online with my G4 powerbook and tries to surf the net. Someone’s going home!