Spammed Big Time


Yesterday evening I found these flowers which always capture my attention at this time of the year. I had a feeling I would be by the park, so I grabbed my camera. Canon 40D 17-35mm ISO 100 1/15 sec @ f22
I always feel my post is incomplete if I can’t include a picture even if it’s unrelated. I must be insecure about my writing. I’m including a vertical as well. Let me know which you like better.

While I was “napping” my guestbook which is so yesterday was spammed big time.

There’s so much that my only recourse is to remove it entirely.

Spam is a problem for anyone who has a website where you allow some sort of interaction between your visitors and you.

When I implemented the guestbook, I didn’t give it enough thought.

How much of this spam is pre-meditated and how much of it is generated by computers worldwide which have become mindless drones of the originators of the spam message?

I’ll never know. I’m removing the guestbook from my main website when you access it from my homepage.

pink_flower_vertical_sHow did it happen? I had set the guestbook program to notify me of a new entry as a safeguard so I could monitor it.

But it was set to use an email address which I didn’t check often enough. Next thing I knew, thousands of entries were posted.

With no ability to “bulk” delete, and more entries being added daily, it’s a pointless exercise.

Sadly that means I’m also losing the entries that took me so long to accumulate.

Those of you who have a blog or something similar will know how long it can take.

2 thoughts on “Spammed Big Time”

  1. Mike,
    I can always count on you to give me feedback. Thanks. I need to find out what kind of tree this is. The blooms are high up on the tree and I hardly ever notice them until they fall on the ground. And in late evening when this picture was taken around 7 pm, the color really contrasts against the green, that’s why they’re so striking and catches your eye, well at least, mine.

    Next time, I’ll try some fill flash but that might ruin the saturation of the colors. We’ll see.

  2. I like them both. The horizontal gives a broader sense of the scene because of the boundaries of the road and horizon. The vertical makes the field seem bigger because there are no boundaries. I think the background lighting in the horizontal field is better, more variation in color with the yellows.

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