My Dementia is Setting In

Yesterday I committed a boo-boo in my post.I had meant to keep it private.

Instead, I published it.I also chose to password protect the post.

That’s why many of you saw the title of the post but couldn’t read it without the password.

I’m headed straight to hell for teasing you. Either that, or my dementia has set in.

Specifically, apologies to Jo from India, Mike Hayes, Anthony from PA, Annr, Jude and Wanda from New York who all wrote emails to me this morning.

Greeters–I photographed these girls who were children of the Hare Krishna community in West Virginia during my senior year in college. They had it pretty rough as I recall. I’ll have to share those pictures here. Film: Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 pushed to 1600.

No, this is not a scheme to get money. I’m not creative that way like Benny Madoff.

As I started writing the post, “Should Photography Remain A Hobby?” I wondered if it might reach a bigger audience as a post for Rising Black Star, a photography blog.

They plan to publish the post tomorrow. When that happens, I will link to it. I promise. Patience? Thank you all for reading.

Please don’t unsubscribe, at least, not yet? Wait till I hit you up for real money.

It’s taken me over a year to gain 100 readers after my original blog crashed a year ago.

Next time… I’ll be more careful.

2 thoughts on “My Dementia is Setting In”

  1. Devang,
    What a small world. Since I left Ohio where I went to college, I haven’t come across anyone who’s even heard of New Vrindaban!

    I’m planning to do a show of these pictures which are old, but have never been published outside of my website.

    When I show the pictures. Lots of people ask where in the world it is.They are all blown away when I tell them.

    Thanks for your kindness.

  2. Hi Peter,
    I meant to ask you about your New Vrindaban pictures a while back when I first saw the pictures on your website (photo story). I have visited there and it is beautiful. Your images are beautiful too and the fact that they are B&W makes it more stark (if that makes any sense).
    So here is my question, how does a photographer on West Coast end up in the mountains of West Virginia…in the middle of nowhere?

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