Arts & Craft Beers

Stunt double–Yours truly making sure the “talent“ is safe before they appear in front of my cameras. After I passed them the remote, and the picture frame, the talent went wild. See more…

This evening’s Arts & Craft Beers fundraiser was so much fun.

It was such a hoot and an honor to be part of this event at the Riverside Art Museum.

Sure it was a lot of gear to cart in for one person and to set up. But thanks to my good friend Ted Kulesa for his assistance and his wife, Susanne, for bringing by at the last-minute a picture frame for our prop, everything went very well.

Everyone who stopped in enjoyed our “photo booth.“

It was an all out portable photo studio, backdrop, 3 strobe setup but with a laptop and printer.

I had a remote trigger for the camera which I handed those who went in front of the camera.

The evening didn’t exactly go without a hiccup. My radio slaves failed.

So thank goodness for good old fashioned sync cords and hard wire.

To navigate around the viewer below, use either you arrow keys or your mouse. Enjoy!
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I hope everyone will come back to this very fun fundraiser next year.

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  1. Wow! That looks like so much fun! I would loved to have been there! The photo’s look great.

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