Festa Italiana Riverside 2009


Italian Americans do so love their tunes.

When the lead singer of the Sicilian Band sang the first few bars of “That’s Amoré,” two women swayed to and fro.

They were joined by many others.

Before long the impromptu dance area in front of White Park’s gazebo was filled with the audience.

The next singer Romina Arena got even more folks dancing when she sang a medley of Besame Mucho & La Bamba.

Arena also sang the Spanish version  of “It’s Impossible” popularized by Luis Miguel “Somos Novios”

As with previous years, this past weekend’s Festa Italiana in Riverside in its 6th year was family-filled fun.

With about 2 dozen vendors selling food, there was never a line for those who wanted to sample the $5-dollar entrees.
I was there mostly to see what I could find in the way of pictures. I wasn’t disappointed.

Since I enjoy the hits of Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra other Italian Americans like Dean Martin and even Elvis, this was a treat to see it performed “live.”

The singers, Pietro, Sicilian Band, Gina Iaccovino and Romina Arena, I’m sure, appreciated the wonderful crowd.

Looking forward to next year when I get to try more of the food from the 2 dozen different food vendors.

Thanks Order Sons of Italy in America Sgt John Basilone Lodge#2748 for putting this together.

6 thoughts on “Festa Italiana Riverside 2009”

  1. Peter,
    Just a reminder about the Riverside “Festa Italiana”. It’s tomorrow 10/17/2010 and the gates open at 11:00am. We really look forward to seeing you.
    Grace Iacovino

  2. Pete, hope that you will attend this years “Festa Italiana” Gina will be singing again. My “Sons of Italy” lodge will be selling meatball sandwiches. Be sure to have one on me.
    Mark the 17th of October on your calendar. Hope to see you there. And don’t forget to bring your students.

  3. Hi Shane,
    You’re being too kind. I wish my videography was 1/10 my still photography. I shot some video mostly because I wanted the ambience.

    I enjoy the music at this festival every year. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Peter, great job with the video’s as well as the photographs. It really looked like everyone was having fun.

  5. Thanks Pete, once again you managed to capture the spirit of the day beautifully.You are truly a master of your trade.

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