Field Trip to Shutter Stories studio

My lovely model Stephanie was a big help since it meant I didn't have to use one of my students as the model for the instruction portion of this field trip.

I try to gauge where my students’ interests lie.

A safe bet? They like to photograph people.

So a visit to Shutter Stories, a photography studio in Riverside, was a good choice considering we are already into late November. The outdoors is getting a little chilly and the scenery is looking a little drab.

Melissa Tippie, the owner, was such a gracious host that I’m be planning on using this as one of my field trips again.

They offer a student rate of $30 an hour with a 2-hour minimum.

So the price of $60 is very reasonable. That gives you access to one Pocket Wizard transmitter and at least 3 receivers so that all the studio strobes will fire.

I brought along 3 of my own radio slaves for a total of 4 to be shared between 12 students.

A self-timer picture of our motley crew. The drum set is part of the studio's prop collection.

We had 3 different setups so there was more than enough to keep everyone busy.

I brought along one model, Stephanie, just so none of my students had to be the model for the instruction part of the field trip.

Below are some pictures from 2 of my students Bernice Quesada and Phil Stuart. When I get more from the others, I’ll post them.

Bernice & Phil's Pictures

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  1. Happy New Year Melissa. So nice to hear from you. I’ll be planning a field trip with my class soon. We meet on Mon and Wed evenings 6 p to 9 p, so I”ll be in touch.

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