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Shutterstories field trip Spring 2011

A very lovely Ally Rutherford helped us out during our visit to Shutterstories. Canon 5D Mark 2 ISO 400 with studio strobes triggered by Cybersync radio slaves.

Two Mondays ago I met my students at Shutterstories–a photography studio in Riverside owned and operated by husband and wife team,Terry and Melissa Tippie.

In case there’s some of you thinking, “Lighting, isn’t that for the advanced folks?”

That might have been true in the  film days, but not anymore.

Learning to light

Ray, Adam, Ashley and Brittney were lit with one softbox on the right. Powershot G11

In the days of film, learning to light with flash or strobes required an all-important piece of equipment: a special light meter that could record that very brief flash, so you can figure out what aperture to set on your camera.

But that wasn’t the most difficult part.

Waiting to see the results of your effort even if you processed the film yourself was agonizing.

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Field Trip to Shutter Stories studio

My lovely model Stephanie was a big help since it meant I didn't have to use one of my students as the model for the instruction portion of this field trip.

I try to gauge where my students’ interests lie.

A safe bet? They like to photograph people.

So a visit to Shutter Stories, a photography studio in Riverside, was a good choice considering we are already into late November. The outdoors is getting a little chilly and the scenery is looking a little drab.

Melissa Tippie, the owner, was such a gracious host that I’m be planning on using this as one of my field trips again.

They offer a student rate of $30 an hour with a 2-hour minimum.

So the price of $60 is very reasonable. That gives you access to one Pocket Wizard transmitter and at least 3 receivers so that all the studio strobes will fire.

I brought along 3 of my own radio slaves for a total of 4 to be shared between 12 students. Continue reading Field Trip to Shutter Stories studio