Bonding moments between father and child

A father gives his son a ride after school. I would have loved to be the one in this picture, wouldn't you?

We make still pictures because we recognize a particular instance is important or precious to us.

Not surprisingly, in many of the pictures I take, I often wish I were in them.

My good friend and fellow photographer Carlos Puma lets his youngest son, Pablo, use his camera during a school event. Taken with my late Canon Powershot G3

Wouldn’t you like to have picture of you bonding with your son or daughter?

Something spontaneous where you weren’t even aware of the presence of a camera?

I would love to be in these 2 pictures spending time with my son, but I can’t well set up the camera and pose.

It just wouldn’t be the same.

There is something priceless in these 2 moments yet it didn’t cost me anything to make.

I didn’t have to go far or use a lot of gear.

I just had to have my camera with me and be awake.

I suppose if I weren’t a father, I might not even notice such a moment happening before me.

What do you all think?

A father takes her daughter down the icy slopes up in our local mountains.

7 thoughts on “Bonding moments between father and child”

  1. More wonderful photos, Peter! I pass your blog on to Cliff daily, and assorted family members when I feel they might appreciate a particular post 🙂

    You have a true gift in your ability to capture things in photos that others can’t.

  2. Hello Tracy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. As a child, I didn’t have many pictures of my parents and I.

    I’m making sure my kids don’t have that problem. So yes, you are correct. I’m hoping everyone reading this who has kids take lots of pictures and don’t forget to print them. Those nice coffee table books are so affordable now, there’s no reason not to do one every year.

  3. Jo,
    I like your way of thinking. My only problem is my students are never around when I’m with my family. Here’s another of my favorite pictures.

    It’s one of my buddy Jesus sledding on inner tubes with his son Vijay. The picture was taken by his wife Maya, after Jesus set the exposure manually. (There, Jesus. Is that better?).

  4. With all your students around, one of them should be able to capture you in a similar moment!

    I love such photos – no better gift for a father than a beautiful illustration of the love he feels for his child. Great work, Peter!

  5. Great photos, Pete. These are the candid shots that tell a story. Great moments in Carlos and Pablo’s time together.

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