More bonding moments between father and child

A father dances with her daughter during her quinceañera, a very important milestone for Latino folks.

Most of my favorite pictures for clients tend to have moments that mean something to me as well.

Usually I look for those moments that appeal to me as a parent if it has anything to do with a child.

Those posed pictures or portraits are very important as documentation of the day.

But those aren’t challenging, because they aren’t moments that are spontaneous and fleeting.

Not in position? Or have the wrong lens on?

Or take a break at a bad time ?

And the moment is gone.

Weddings are often a time and place where affection between fathers and daughters is unabashedly shared.

Weddings and formal dances or parties tend to be where genuine expression of love is expressed unabashedly.

The pretty setting, the beautiful music and the special occasion usually makes it all fairy tale like.

One of my favorite memories of my late father-in-law, Manuel, is one of him dancing the first dance with my sister-in-law, Kathy, at her wedding.

Dad, of course, danced with my wife too at our wedding, but it would have been bad form for yours truly to be behind the camera at his own wedding, correct?

My late father-in-law dancing with his youngest daughter, Kathy, at her wedding.

Here’s a very cute picture taken by from my dear friend Maura Graber, an etiquette guru.

Her daughter Kat was mimicking dad, Cliff by wearing a fake mustache. Thanks for sharing Maura.

And finally a picture which is more of a portrait but will always be a favorite is this one of my buddy Roberto and his son Marsilio. Thanks to Milka, the mum, for holding little baby Marsilio for me.

Roberto with little Marsilio. Taken with a Nikon D-1.

4 thoughts on “More bonding moments between father and child”

  1. Hi Maura,
    I can only imagine what my late father-in-law must have been feeling when he was dancing with his youngest daughter. One on these days, God willing, I’ll find out myself, right?

    I had to go back and take another look at the picture because of your description “flat-out the best….” Thanks but I’ll settle for it being one of the more personal and memorable images I’ve made .

  2. Another fine post Peter, and I smiled at seeing that photo of Cliff and Kat. I always do.

    That smile on your late father in-law’s face though… Wow! It expresses an overwhelming sense of happiness. Flat out the best father-daughter photo I have ever seen from a wedding reception. Sheer joy!

  3. Quinceañera is a very important milestone for some Latino folks. Not all Latino families celebrate it but is a great event for taking pictures.

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