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More bonding moments between father and child

A father dances with her daughter during her quinceañera, a very important milestone for Latino folks.

Most of my favorite pictures for clients tend to have moments that mean something to me as well.

Usually I look for those moments that appeal to me as a parent if it has anything to do with a child.

Those posed pictures or portraits are very important as documentation of the day.

But those aren’t challenging, because they aren’t moments that are spontaneous and fleeting.
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The family photographer

First day of school–When I worked at the newspaper, every fall at the start of the new school year, I could always count on being sent to illustrate/document this. Just how big a deal is this day, I can’t say for you. I was lucky to be able to be there for my son’s 1st day in Kindergarten.

Previously I mentioned when you took on the title family documentarian or family photographer, you will have to sacrifice a little for your art.

What? You think your spouse is going to let it slide when she could have bought herself an expensive pair of shoes, some shiny rocks or designer purse, instead of letting you have that digital SLR?

How about if you very cunningly introduce her to photography as well?

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Photographing kids sports

Goal– Not the sharpest picture I’ve taken, but given the circumstances, I am thankful I have it.I’m sure my son thinks so. If there is a downside to not working at the newspaper, it’s not having access to long lenses. Shooting soccer without at least a  400mm can be a challenge because there is so much clutter in the background and the action is usually far away. For that reason pros who shoot soccer usually use 2 camera bodies. One with the long telephoto on a monopod and a 2nd body with a 70 -200 zoom.

As the photographerin the family, we often have to take one for the team.

By that I mean, “we” often don’t get to just enjoy the moment as a spectator.

It’s worse if you’re the coach and you’re trying to photograph the game as well.

Been there and done that.

By the end of the game, my brain is totally fried from the multi-tasking.

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Tips for taking better pictures of your kids

Julie and Gabriel,lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in northern California

Julie and Gabriel, lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in Klamath, California. If you’re always photographing your kids, they get used to it and before long, they ignore you.

When you’re a professional photographer, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself pick up a camera when you’re off the clock. Unless of course, you have great looking kids.

You’re probably asking, now which parent doesn’t think their kids are great looking, right?

I take tons of pictures of my kids. My wife’s biggest complaint is that she never sees these pictures.

Previously when I shot film, there would be prints but they’re sitting in a shoe box in some closet. Don’t even ask where the negatives are.

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