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iPhoto ‘09 is here!


My copy of iPhoto’09 is finally here.

Apologies to Windows users, you can skip this post, it’s Mac specific.

 My favorite Fedex gal just dropped it off. 

Most of my “stuff” comes via UPS or Fedex.

I’m backing up my iPhoto library to another volume before I install it.

Never upgrade without doing backing up.

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Tips for taking better pictures of your kids

Julie and Gabriel,lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in northern California

Julie and Gabriel, lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in Klamath, California. If you’re always photographing your kids, they get used to it and before long, they ignore you.

When you’re a professional photographer, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself pick up a camera when you’re off the clock. Unless of course, you have great looking kids.

You’re probably asking, now which parent doesn’t think their kids are great looking, right?

I take tons of pictures of my kids. My wife’s biggest complaint is that she never sees these pictures.

Previously when I shot film, there would be prints but they’re sitting in a shoe box in some closet. Don’t even ask where the negatives are.

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