Lesly in Red

Spontaneous laughter, craziness and not so perfect hair made this my favorite. Available light when its levels are marginal doesn't always allow capturing such fleeting moments because shutter speeds aren't sufficient to freeze them.

Lesly in Purple was my first foray into glamor.

When I was a the newspaper, the gals on staff had for some reason first dibs on fashion or glamor type assignments. Since I was never the sort to lobby for certain types of assignments, I just didn’t get to do them.

To continue to grow, and I don’t mean just as a photographer but in life in general, it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone.

In marginal light where your shutter speed is low, it's a good idea to have your model recline just so she remains still. You can brace yourself all you want but if your subject is moving too much, it's a lost cause.

No, it doesn’t mean I’ll be doing any skydiving any day soon.

So I went online and looked up the many online sites where models, photographers, make-up stylists meet and collaborate.

Large windows and a reflector is all you need at times. A pretty model with great skin, the help of a good makeup artist and you don

I met Arcy Garcia and her sister Lesly.

Lesly in Red  is the result of my 2nd time working with her and Arcy.

I learned quite a bit.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Getting to know the model is important. That means establishing the rapport, making them feel comfortable, showing them that you are genuinely interested in making them look their best.

Guys, that means despite your obvious attraction to the model, you’re not supposed to hit on them when you’re working especially if you don’t want to develop a reputation known as GWC or “Guy with Camera.”

Generally speaking that is not a term of endearment amongst serious professional photographers.

Closest  meaning I can think of for that acronym ,without being too harsh, is pervert with a camera.

Lesly's sister Arcy hold a reflector just out of the lens' field of view for these pictures.

Parents, if you’re reading this: don’t let your daughter go unchaperoned.

Most legit photographers should have no problem allowing a chaperone. If they do, keep walking.

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