Shiva’s favorite season is here again

Shiva, the dare-devil, reaches for a bird house under the eaves of my garage roof. The hatchlings of the finches that live in the birdhouse has been driving her absolutely crazy. She spends every morning at particular corner.

Spring must be Shiva’s favorite time of the year.

Cold mornings, chirping birdies and fresh meat.

The return of the finches that live under the eaves of my house and the hatching of their eggs is just too much for my cats.

Shiva somehow always manages to get on the roof even after we trimmed and cut down the nearby trees.

Getting up there is one thing but Shiva, the dare-devil, has no fear of getting off the roof.

The first time I witnessed this, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Shiva sits on her bottom and hind legs to see if she can get closer to the mother finch which was sitting on a telephone line that runs to my house.

Shiva would leap from the roof of my garage about 10 feet onto my covered outdoor barbecue.

This morning, I also saw her reaching down with her paw as she sat on the edge of the roof.

Had I more time and thought about it, I would have reached for my Canon 40D instead of the 5DMark2.

I guess I was thinking of shooting some video.

With the 40D, I’m certain, I would have caught another frame with Shiva in the air.

At 3 frames-a-second, timing is everything.

I was a little late or else, I would have had a better picture of Shiva.

How say you? Take a look.

Dare-devil--Shiva makes a leap of about 6 feet from the roof of my garage to land on a tiny 3' x 4' area--the top of my outdoor barbecue grill. Thankfully the cover was on or else, she might just slide right off after sticking the landing. 1/500 sec f2.8 Canon 5D Mark 2 ISO 200

A split second before, Shiva’s head would have been frozen in time against a better background.

Instead her head is against the hedge. This is mere speculation on my part.

If I have another opportunity at this picture, I will surely grab the 40D for the quicker frame rate.

Peter Phun Photography

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