A new Canon Speedlite the 600EX-RT

The just announced 600EX-RT is a welcome addition for Canon users. Coupled with a new transmitter the ST-E3 RT, this may give users fewer reasons to buy 3rd party radio slave units like Radio Poppers.

It’s nice to see that Canon users are finally going to have a new Speedlite.

The Canon 580EXII and their STE-2 proprietary infra-red trigger have long been overdue for a upgrade.

Canon’s announcement of their new Speedllite 600EX-RT was also accompanied with an announcement of a new 5DMarkIII body and a radio trigger the ST-E3.

Naturally the new trigger is not compatible with your infrared triggered Speedlite.
For many professionals who like the wireless functions, they have either paid $250 for a Radio Popper transmitter and $250 for a Radio Popper receiver or they buy Pocket Wizard radio slaves.

This new Canon Speedlite is going to be about $650.

No pricing on the STE-3 that I can find for now.

I’d be lying if I said my interest wasn’t piqued by the latter, but I have the 5DM2 and I am not using it to its full potential yet.

I’m more excited about the Speedlite because in my opinion, having used both lines of cameras, Canon trails Nikons when it comes to Speedlite ease of use and reliability.

Peter Phun Photography

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